Chris is absolutely amazing and a pleasure to work with!

Chris is absolutely amazing and a pleasure to work with! Back in June 2018 we bought our first home ! Needless to say we were very nervous to start the whole process to the point where we were not sure to even start. Buying a house is very intimidating and it’s hard to learn to trust someone with something so important. From the moment i was introduced to Chris she had a very warm welcome. I had a great feeling about her and knew i could trust her. When we meet for the first time she sat me down and handed me a folder that explained the whole buying processes and what was and should be done first all the way down to the final days. It was so very helpful and honestly i used that folder often to remind my self what would come next . Everyone knows buying a house isn’t smooth sailing, there are many bumps in the road lots of dedicated hours of driving talking and negotiating. — Our story?? — One Sunday after going to two failed open houses i told Chris that i seen this new ad for an open house in scottville (we were in Greece!), we told her we would check it out and if we love it we would call. We went our separate ways …… we show up at the open house an hour before it was done, i stepped out of the car and knew instant “ THIS IS IT!” ( it’s like that first time trying on that wedding dress ) we walk the house and fell more in love with it with every step. I immediately Call Chris to tell her the news, she happened to be at Best Buy in Henrietta ( about 15 mins from the open house ) she stopped what she was doing to come see the house. Once she got there she agreed solid house! Perfect for what our little family was looking for. That evening after much debate we contacted Chris and told her this is it we are ready to put in an offer ! We hung up the phone and she meet us at our house at 7pm on a Sunday! Now if that’s not commitment, i don’t know what is. We went in strong with our offer and we got the house ! If it wasn’t for the dedication Chris showed to us who knows if we would have gotten this house we call our home. I tell you this because i want you to know she is a great realtor that shows much love to all her clients and only wants the best. I hope you read this an choose to work with her and see what a great person she really is, thank you Chris for what you have done for us we will forever be grateful- love the Willis family

— The Willis Family