Sold in 1 Day – North Winton Village

Christine came to me after I submitted a questionnaire from Zillow requesting assistance in the sale of my house. She first called me in the middle of the college football playoffs (I’m a big fan) and I didn’t give her much detail other than I’m still about a month or two from seriously considering selling. Trust me, I figured that was the last I would hear from her. After all I was more interested in the game at the time. Right on que, a month passed by and she reached out to me again and this time I had no distractions. She set up an appointment that was flexible for my schedule. After sitting down with her one afternoon, she explained to me in detail how the whole process worked. Without missing a step she took it upon herself to help me get the best price possible as if it were her very own house she was selling, I took her advice and got busy getting the house ready for listing. When I decided to paint the interior, I just knew I had to ask her before I selected the colors. She came back to the house and gave me some recommendations. She was spot on. The colors gave the house a subtle vibrancy that when it came time for the pictures, I was a little disappointed to have to sell. After taking pictures, she decided to create a video as if you were walking through the house. The pictures turned out fabulous and the video was a big hit. We listed the house in the late afternoon and had our first request for showing within 30 minutes. The next day we had our first offer. From the time we listed to the time we received our first offer it was less than 12 hours. The next several weeks she assisted me on every step of the closing process. She followed up several times to make sure I had all my questions answered. I can’t thank Christine enough for her help and expertise. Without her I would have never been able to have such a wonderful transaction as I did.

— Derek Miller